Supporting the Community for over 10 years

The Aboriginal Family Legal Services Queensland (Maruma-li-mari) (AFLSQ), has been proudly supporting the legal and non-legal needs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities of South West Queensland since 2013, with Central, and Wide Bay regions being serviced since 2022. 

At the heart of our organisation lies a profound commitment of justice and empowerment. Our team, comprised of passionate lawyers, paralegals, and support staff, operates with cultural sensitivity and deep understanding of Indigenous issues. Our experienced Legal team have the knowledge and expertise, with compassionate lawyers that are here to guide you through your matter. It is important to us that we deliver to you the best outcome, in a culturally safe manner. 

AFLSQ partners with other First Nations organisations to deliver the communities with culturally appropriate, high-quality services. These partnerships strengthen our mission of supporting and empowering the well-being of First Nations clients. This is enforced through legal representation, counselling, advocacy, non-legal support services, and referrals.

Our Services

We provide an extensive range of services, to provide the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that need legal and non-legal assistance.

If we are unable to assist clients, we offer a referral program to likeminded organisations that appropriately meets the needs of the client.

Family Law

Our Lawyers provide assistance with your Family Law matter.

Child Protection

If you have been contacted by ‘Child Safety’, we can assist with your matter.

Domestic Violence

Providing legal advice to representation in court from start to finish.


We offer appointments face to face, via TEAMS, ZOOM and over the phone.

Non-legal Services

If you are facing in justice, or are impacted by legal issues, we can assist.


As apart of our referral service, if we cannot assist, we will find someone who can.

Our Values

AFLSQ’s values reflect our support for clients, through unity, respect, and justice. Unlike larger organisations, AFLSQ have narrowed down our expertise and professional practice that understands the needs of our valued clients, in a culturally appropriate way. 

We value the strength that comes from working as a team
We uphold the dignity and worth of every individual, treating everyone with empathy, consideration, and respect
We are committed to upholding the principles of fairness, integrity, and accountability in serving our clients and community

We are here for you

Whether you are seeking a family lawyer to assist in a Divorce settlement, Property matter, Parenting issues, Domestic and Family Violence, Child Protection, Victim Assist or have been referred for Counselling, or general legal advice, at AFLSQ we are here to help you.

Warra Warra Legal Service

"Warra Warra is a specialist Family Violence Prevention Legal Service that provides trauma informed, culturally safe services. Our staff are specially trained to meet community needs. We employ lawyers, counsellors and client support workers to provide holistic wrap around assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people". - Warra Warra Legal Service

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