Aboriginal Family Legal Service

The Aboriginal Family Legal Service Southern Queensland, Indigenous Corporation  is a Community Legal Centre and referral service offering legal advice representation and advocacy to Indigenous victims of family violence in the communities of Charleville, Cherbourg, Cunnamulla, Goondiwindi, Mitchell, Murgon, Quilpie, Roma and St George.

Our service can offer assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have been affected by family or domestic violence and have come into contact with the legal system as a result.


What is domestic and family violence?

  • Physical or sexual abuse (e.g. unwanted sexual contact, hitting or pushing)
  • Emotional or psychological abuse (e.g. belittling, making comments to make a person feel bad about themselves)
  • Economic abuse (e.g. limiting a person’s access to money or unreasonably making them account for every cent)
  • Threatening behaviour (e.g. forcing a person to behave in a certain way by threatening to hurt a child or pet or someone else)
  • Coercive behaviour (e.g. behaviours such as stalking, threats, or other intimidation to force a person to change their mind about something, or to act in a certain way), or behaviour that in any way controls or dominates or causes a person to fear for their personal safety or well being.


How can we help?

We offer advice, representation and assistance in the following areas:

  • Domestic Violence – for example we can assist you in applying for or varying a domestic violence protection order;
  • Child Protection – for example if your children have been removed by the Department of Child Safety or want to interview you about your children, or if you would like to become a kinship carer or legal guardian for children who are in care
  • Family Law – for example if you have children and are having trouble with the other parent reaching agreement about the time each of you spend with them or if you think your partner is a risk to your children we can help you to negotiate a parenting agreement or to apply for Family Court orders.
  • Victims Compensation – If you have been a victim of an assault or other act of violence, we can also assist you in applying for compensation if you meet the eligibility criteria
  • Witness Assistance – if you or your child has been a victim of an offence and you want advice about your rights and responsibilities in dealing with police and becoming a witness, we can assist you.